Grid Layout Kit

  • Yellow (or white) 3-strand twisted split-film polypropylene rope (6mm dia.) 220m coil,
  • Heavy duty, 200mm, plastic tent peg X30,
  • Green heat shrink (6.25mm dia.) 2.5m, (8′) length, and
  • Black heat shrink (6.25mm dia.) 2.5m, (8′) length,

The grid layout and marking kit is non-magnetic and contains all you need to make markers for twenty or thirty meter grids.

With this kit you can make:

  • Ten 20m long lines, or
  • Seven 30m long lines

Tip: When making up guide ropes we recommend that you start from the middle and work towards the ends. (Any mistakes are easer to rectify at the free ends!)

Tip: If you use one line per metre – Use one peg per line at the far edge, walkng OUT (20m or 30m) place pegs at 1m, 3m, 5m, etc and at the base line for 2m, 4m, 6m, etc. You should be walking towards the yellow peg when taking readings.

(Shipped to Great Britain only)

Made in the UK or EU

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