TAR-3 Array Bar (1.5m)

An addition to a TAR-3 Resistance Meter is the Array Bar (1.5m)

Array Bar Contents

    • Array Bar, 1.5m with nine 18mm diameter holes (2.9kg)
    • Red 4mm plug to 4mm plug cable (1.8m), and
    • Blue 4mm plug to 4mm plug cable (1.1m).

The Array Bar does not contain extra probes. Use the probes supplied with the TAR-3 Resistance Meter system

You can download a PDF file showing how to fit the bar here

Country of Origin: GB (Country in which last significant manufacturing process was carried out)
Tariff No: 90159000 (If supplied with a TAR-3 System 90303900)
RoHS Compliant: Yes

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