TAR-3 Extension Bar (1m)

TAR-3 Extension Bar (1m)

An addition to a TAR-3 Resistance Meter is the Extension Bar (1.0m)

TAR-3 1m Kit Contents

  • Extension Bar, 1.0m with five 18mm diameter holes (1.0kg)
  • Insulation Bush, four off
  • M8, 120mm Stainless Steel bolts, three off (SEBF-M8-120-A2)
  • M8 Stainless Stainless nuts, four off (HPN-M8-A2)
  • M8 Stainless Stainless lock (half) nuts, four off (HFN-M8-A2)
  • Washer 8mm hole 25mm Diameter, four off (HYW-M8-25-A2)
  • Washer 8mm hole Std size, four off (HPW-M8-A2)

The 1m Extension Bar Kit does not contain extra probes or cables. Use the probe and cables supplied with the TAR-3 Resistance Meter.

Note: The spacing of the remote probes should be 1.0m and the recommended minimum separation between the two sets of probes should be 30m (30 * 1m).