TAR-3 Resistance Meter

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A complete package for £2986, $3947or €3488

The TAR-3 Resistance Meter system is affordable and available now! It is in stock and shipped directly to you in four working days!
The TAR-3 Resistance Meter system is one of the new generation of geophysical prospecting equipment from RM Frobisher and has been supplied to professional archaeologists, groups and individuals. RM Frobisher’s TAR-3 Control Unit (Resistivity Meter) is powerful, lightweight and compact.

TAR-3 Resistivity Meter
TAR-3 Resistance Meter

Key Features

* Ultra wide measurement range
* Long life Li-Ion batteries
* Large diameter, lightweight aluminium alloy frame for a comfortable grip
* Results stored on standard and removable SD/MMC memory cards
* Can store over 5 million readings – over 50,000, 20m by 20m grids (over seven square miles)
* High power – up to 8mA output current (1mA minimum)
* Waterproof case
* Lightweight, the control unit weighs less than 500g
* Ultra high impedance inputs (100,000 Mega Ohm)
* Effective eighteen bit ADC range plus sign bit (18.5 bit)
* 56V peak to peak output voltage1
* Gold plated connectors
* High performance digital signal processing
* Ergonomic design
* Use any USB2 socket to charge
* Edit or retake single readings in real time and on the fly
* The TAR-3 is only 35mm high – it can fit in your pocket!

A complete package for £2986, $3947or €3488

* The TAR-3 Resistance Meter
* Lightweight aluminium frame (only 2kg)
* Five stainless steel probes (for twin probe or Wenner array)
* 50m of cable (x2, 100m in total)
* Interconnecting leads with 4mm gold plated jack plugs
* USB charger
* Two 8GB SD memory cards
* USB card reader and adaptor
* Supplied in a waterproof, foam filled case
* Two year warranty
* Phone and email support included

A complete package for £2986, $3947or €3488

If you already have a frame and probes contact us. We can supply a TAR-3, mounting adaptor and interface cables to match your existing equipment. We can also supply frames and probes for your existing equipment. Please contact us for details.

Rear of the TAR-3 Resistance Meter
Rear of the TAR-3 Resistance Meter

The rear of the TAR-3 Resistance Meter showing the gold plated 4mm sockets and a micro SD memory card.

A complete package for £2986, $3947or €3488

TAR-3 Resistance Meter 0.75kg
Frame and probes 2.1kg
TAR-3 case with tools and accessories (excluding meter) 4.0kg

Price including all taxes and delivery within the EU. Please contact us for prices to the rest of the world Details Here

1 This is the maximum allowable voltage in systems where the user can touch the probes. The rated voltage of the 4mm Banana plugs is 60V. The use of 100V is not permitted in the EU, USA, UK, and most parts of the world.

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