DFG-1 Magnetic Gradiometer

Buy a DFG-1 with FGM650 Sensor for £5980, $7903, or €6981

RM Frobisher (1986) Ltd work with our partner SENSYS, Sensorik & Systemtechnologie GmbH who supply us with gradiometer sensors for use with the DFG-1 meter and logger.

DFG-1 meters are held in stock for immediate shipping throughout the world. Depending on the sensor required (FGM650/3, FGM650/10, or FGM400) the sensor may be shipped from us in the UK or direct from Sensys in Germany. (Please contact us for sensor delivery details.)

The DFG-1 Magnetic Gradiometer is powerful, lightweight and compact and is one of the new generation of geophysical prospecting equipment from RM Frobisher.

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Key Features

* Easy to assemble – one cable and two thumb screws
* Fast start up
* Fast zero in under 60 seconds!
* Sub-Nano Tesla resolution range
* Compact 650mm sensor separation
* Up to 30m by 30m grids
* 4 readings per metre
* 200ha of results on each SD memory card
* Results stored on standard and removable SD/MMC Memory cards
* Long life Li-Ion batteries
* Over twelve hours use on a single charge
* Ergonomic design with comfortable handle
* Water and dust proof to IP65
* High performance digital signal processing
* Lightweight, the control unit weighs less than 500g
* Use any USB2 socket to charge – fast charging
* Edit or retake readings in real time and on the fly

RM Frobisher – DFG-1 System

* The DFG-1 Magnetic Gradiometer
* One Sensys FGM650 Sensor
* One Sensor to DFG-1 Cable
* Carrying case with foam insert
* A USB charger (UK or World Wide plug)
* A 12V car cigarette lighter socket charger
* A USB charging cable
* Two 8GB SD memory cards
* USB Card reader and an adaptor
* Two year warranty on DFG-1 Meter (One year on sensors)
* Full support package included

Buy a DFG-1 with FGM Series Sensor for £5980, $7903, or €6981

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See the DFG-1 Magnetic Gradiometer in action here

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