RM Pro Cart System

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The full system is priced at £21,538

The RM Pro Cart System is supplied complete! You can start surveying grids as soon as you receive your system. Please contact us for our current lead times and delivery details.

The RM Pro Cart System consists of:

  • A RM Pro Control Unit
  • RM Pro Cart
  • The Four Sensys FGM650 Sensors
  • Four Sensor to Control Unit cables
  • RS232 Data cables
  • Twin sensor crossbar (for twin sensor use)
  • All the required fixtures and fittings
  • USB Charger and cables
  • Non-magnetic tools
  • With free delivery!

The RM Pro Control Unit has

  • A clear eight line graphic display
  • The display is usable in direct sunlight
  • Four sensor inputs, and can measure four, three, tow or one sensor
  • RS232 GNSS data port to connect to your GPS system
  • Long battery life
  • The case and conectors are waterproof (IP65)

The RM Pro control unit

  • Fast zero – under 60 seconds!
  • No need to align the sensors
  • 0.015 Nano Tesla resolution (20 bit ADC)
  • Compact 650mm sensor separation
  • Up to 100m by 100m grids
  • 4 readings per metre (Grid Mode)
  • 10 reading per second (GNSS or Time Base Mode)
  • Results saved on SD memory cards
  • Lightweight control unit (600g)
  • Fast charging long life Lithium batteries
  • Over eight hours battery life (four sensors in Grid Mode)
  • Charge using any USB socket
  • Four wire Kelvin connection for high accuracy measurements, signal to noise ratio improved by √2
  • Advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for 50/60Hz filtering

RM Pro Cart

  • Totally non-magnetic – contains no metal parts
  • Four sensor mountings
  • Fast sensor attachment
  • Lightweight
  • Rugged and robust construction
  • Supplied with non-magnetic assembly tools
  • Compact packed size

Click here to download more information (PDF file)