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The TAR-3 frame can be fitted with a spiked wheel
The TAR-3 frame can be fitted with spiked wheels

RM Frobisher (1986) Ltd aren't standing still! We have a policy of continuous research and development to make modern, reliable equipment available to individuals, professional archaeologists, and groups and societies.

Our current development project are spiked wheels to replace the probes attached to the TAR-3's frame to allow the user to push the frame and take readings without the need to lift the probes clear of the ground. The wheels measure the distance moved and the TAR-3 records the measured resistance every 0.25m (four readings per metre) The user can walk at up to five miles per hour (8 kph, 2.25ms-1) and stop and start while taking readings.

‘The TAR-3’s wheels make resistance measurements as fast as magnetic gradiometry!’

The TAR-3 spiked wheels will be available soon! Please contact us if you would like more information.

TAR-3 Wheel bearing plates
TAR-3 Wheel bearing plates

See the TAR-3 Wheel Mode FAQ here

New Products

Products in development
New products in development

While we can’t make site visits we are busy developing new products and adding new features to our existing products. Not being able to visit some of our suppliers is delaying some aspects of our product development but we are working on other areas.



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