Corporate Citizenship

RM Frobisher (1986) Ltd. believes in being a good Corporate Citizen. We can do this by respecting local laws, paying all taxes, duties, and invoices due in a timely manner and maintaining good corporate governance by avoiding Tax Evasion and by not providing assistance for others to evade tax or duties. To avoid any suggestion of impropriety we do not make any 'Off Books' payments. All payments must be accompanied by an invoice or receipt.


We are committed to engineering a better tomorrow by doing our part to protect the environment and reduce our impact on the environment. We curate our waste streams, champion recycling at our facilities. We are working with our facility’s management to reduce waste emissions and reduce our environmental footprint.

Environmental Responsibility

We are working with our facilities management to improve the efficiency of the buildings heating system and supporting them in their effort to improve the thermal properties of our offices. This can be as simple as turning off the heating before opening a window or partially lowering the blinds to reduce the sunlight entering the room.

Safety and Health (ESH)

All of our equipment is inspected regularly and repaired or replaced if defective. We operate a clear desk and clear workspace policy to minimize tripping hazards and misplaced products or stock. We provide suitable PPE and training. All visitors to our offices are accompanied by a member of staff and given a short induction on safety and emergency procedures.

Materials Management

We are a company that strives for zero wasted resources. We believe in responsibly managing materials and their disposal. We efficiently use and reuse materialsand curate all of our waste streams to protect the environment keep undesirable items out of local landfills and watersheds.


Our activities are office or workplace based with occasional visits to site locations. When on site we follow instructions given be the site’s representative. Geophysics is a none destructive activity. When on site we do not clear the ground of material or plants and when surveying we avoid trampling plants (including) recognised weeds and other invasive plant species.

Supply Chain Management

We aim to create world-changing technologies, but we cannot do it alone. Our suppliers in the UK and around the world work with us to deliver materials or services helping us innovate, grow and provide our products to you.

Efficient supply chain management helps us to reduce costs and waste, by being efficient it increase our competitiveness. By working closely with local companies and incorporating responsible business practices into our supply chain helps mitigate our and our suppliers’ business, labour and environmental risks. Roughly eighty percent of our procurement is with suppliers we have visited in person, we outsource our all of our manufacturing to companies who have a proven track record.

Conflict Minerals

Tantalum, Tin, Tungsten and Gold (3TG) are used in electronic products, due to their electrical properties. They are often referred as ‘conflict minerals’ because profits from the sale of minerals mined from certain areas within the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and adjoining countries have fueled war and human rights violations. We do not use Tantalum in our products but our products do contain Tin and Gold. As we only use small quantities of each (grammes per year) we rely on the manufactures of these components to ensure that their supplies not contributing to ‘conflict’. We only purchase components from suppliers who demonstrate that they avoid such materials and we only purchase ‘branded’ components.

Our Employees

Our employees are the beating heart of our company. We make sure that they are fully equipped to deal with their work and the environment they find themselves in. This ranges from providing chairs appropriate to their weight to providing insect repellent and protective equipment suitable for their needs. We are aware of the increasing prevalence of ticks carrying Lymes disease and the requirement to wear protective leg coverings. Ongoing training is central to our ethos.


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