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RM Frobisher have a transparent pricing policy which includes our export prices. Our prices include delivery within the European Union (EU). Please contact us for the cost of shipping outside the EU.

Our products are priced in UK pounds and converted to US Dollars ($) and Euros (€). You can purchase units in both USD or Euro on our website. If you would like a quotation in your currency please contact us and we will quote you in any currency and hold that price for sixty days.

All our timber packaging is heat treated in accordance with International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures ISPM15 Regulations and is stamped with the required stamp to prove heat treatment and an authorised Forestry Commission registration number.

VAT, Sales Tax and Duties

Value Added Tax (VAT)
As of July 1st 2016 RM Frobisher (1986) Ltd is not registered for VAT (currently 20%).

VAT does not have to be added to the sale price. Please note that this may change in the future.

Buyers outside the European Union cannot reclaim VAT on purchases from RM Frobisher as there is no VAT element.

Sales Tax
The UK does not currently (July 2016) have a sales tax (other than VAT). The prices listed in our price list are the purchase price, there are no taxes to be added.
Export Duties
The UK does not currently impose duties on RM Frobisher’s products (July 2016).
Local Import Duties
Import duties may be imposed by your government/state on products supplied by RM Frobisher to you. Payment of any local taxes and duties is the responsibility of the purchaser.

Shipping Conditions

RM Frobisher ship by Airfreight (UPS 3-4 day or similar) ‘Carriage and Insurance Paid To’ the agreed address (INCOTERM: CIP)


RM Frobisher (1986) Ltd ship products on Monday to the Middle East; Tuesday to Europe and the Americas; and on Wednesday to the UK this avoids products being in transit over the weekend – Friday, Saturday and, Sunday.

We can also ship products for with a guaranteed delivery day/time

Packing Specifications

DFG-1 Magnetic Gradiometer
140cm x 62cm x 32cm commodity and intrastat code 90158020
Destination Typical Cost
Australia £170
Canada £70
China £160
Norway £40
United Arab Emirates £150
TAR-3 Resistance Meter (Full System)
100cm x 68cm x 30cm commodity and intrastat code 90303200
Weights: Packing Case: 25kg, Contents:11kg, Total Shipping Weight: 36kg

Shipping Costs (one to three plus days)

Destination Typical Cost
Australia £210
Canada £90
China £190
Norway £50
United Arab Emirates £170

Other slower, lower cost services may be available.

TAR-3 Resistance Meter (No frame)

58cm x 50cm x 30cm commodity and intrastat code 90303200 Shipping weight 18kg

Destination Typical Cost
Australia £100
USA £60
Norway £35
United Arab Emirates £80


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