TAR-3 Accessories and Options

TAR-3 Resistance Meter Accessories and Options

Pseudosection Kit
The TAR-3 Pseudosection accessories allow the TAR-3 Resistance Meter to be used to measure the resistance at differing depths to produce Electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) sections. (Also called electrical resistivity imaging (ERI) sections.) More Information Here

Array Bar (1.5m)
The Wenner array bar allows you to measure resistivity using four equaly spaced probes and move them for each reading. More Information Here

Extension Bar (1m)
The 1.0m Extension Bar increases the moving probe separation to 1.0m to measure the resistance at a greater depth. More Information Here

Small Frame
We can supply TAR-3 Resistance Meter frames in small sizes suitable for use by children. More Information Here

Galvanic Contact Pads
We can supply Galvanic Contact Pads to enable you to measure the resistance of floors and walls. More Information Here

RS232, GNSS, Communication Option
During manufacture the TAR-3 can be fitted with a serial port. More Information Here

Grid Layout Kit
Rope, pegs and markers to lay out grid rows More Information Here

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