TAR-3 Probes 12mm

12mm diameter probes
12mm diameter probes can be used in the most demanding locations

These new probes are a direct replacement for the 8mm probes supplied with the TAR-3 System. They are twice the weight of the 8mm probes and require more effort to insert but they are less liable to bend in rocky and stony ground.

They are supplied in a pack of five with all of the parts needed to use with your existing equipment. The external diameter of the insulating bushes are the same for 12mm and 8mm.

    Each pack contains:

  • Five 12mm diameter stainless steel probes,
  • Ten insulating bushes (18mm outside diameter to fit TAR-3)
  • Fifteen M12 stainless steel washers,
  • Fifteen M12 stainless steel half nuts,
  • Spanner, 19mm AF Open (half),
  • Spanner, 19mm AF Ring (half), and with
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12mm diameter probes
A 12mm diameter probe alongside an 8mm probe
(using 'Stripe' payment processing)

† The spanner(s) supplied are cut in half to save weight and reduce the torque (and crushing force) that can be applied by over tightening the M12 nuts

Country of Origin: GB (Country in which last significant manufacturing process was carried out)
Tariff No: 90159000 (If supplied with a TAR-3 System 90303900)
RoHS Compliant: Yes


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