TAR-3 with MULTI-5 Multiplexing Option

TAR-3 Resistance Meter with Multiplexing Unit
TAR-3 Resistance Meter with Multiplexing Unit with the 1.0m Extension Bar fitted (The 1.5m Array bar with five probes can be fitted)

The TAR-3 Resistance meter can be supplied with five way multiplexing unit fitted.

The TAR-3 Fitted with the MULTI-5 Multiplexer unit includes

  • TAR-3 Resistance Meter System with an internal MULTI-5 PCB fitted.
  • MULTI-5 junction/connection unit
  • Five Banana plug to Banana plug cables (Various lengths)
  • Three 12mm diameter stainless steel probes
  • Six Delrin mounting bushes 18mm with 12mm Dia. hole
  • Nine M12 stainless steel Half Nuts
  • Nine M12 stainless steel washers
  • One 19mm Combination spanner (Cut in two for reduced weight)
Included Mounting Hardware
  • One Aluminum mounting plate
  • One Delrin spacer 32mm Dia. with 18mm Dia. hole
  • Two Delrin bushes 18mm Dia. with 8mm Dia. hole
  • Two 50mm M8 stainless steel setscrew with M8 nuts and 'Penny' washers
  • Five M4 stainless steel mounting bolts and nuts
  • One M7 Spanner
TAR-3 System with MULTI-5 multiplexing unit

We can update your TAR-3 unit with a MULTI-5 multiplexing PCB, software and supply the all the required components for £1550
Please contact us for delivery information and current manufacturing lead times

Optional Extras

You will also need one (or both) of

MULTI-5 Screens

TAR-3 Sequence Reading
Edit Sequence Screen
TAR-3 Sequence Reading Edit Sequence Screen
MULTI-5 Outline
TAR3 MULTI-5 Outline.
Use Notepad to edit the Sequence
Use Notepad to edit the Sequence. (- -) = step not used
Unpacked results file
Unpacked results file. The results are also unpacked into individual files foreach probe combination and can be unpacked into 'XYZ' format.
Results exported to individual files
Results exported to individual files
Unpack results using on-linne software
Use on-line software to unpack results

This is a factory fitted option. All standard TAR-3 units can be upgraded. Please contact us for delivery information and manufacturing lead times

See the TAR-3's MULTI-5 FAQ here

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Country of Origin: UK (Country in which last significant manufacturing process was carried out)
Tariff No: 90303900
RoHS Compliant:  Yes
Weight (kg):

This item contains TWO Lithium Ion Batteries. Each battery contains ONE Cell with a capacity of 9.5Wh

UN3481, Lithium Ion Batteries / Cells – PI967 Section II

The equipment must be packed in strong rigid outer packaging constructed of suitable material of
adequate strength and design in relation to the packaging's capacity and its intended use unless the cell
or battery is afforded equivalent protection by the equipment in which it is contained.

Labelling /Marking: No requirements.

Documentation: No requirements.

Shipping Conditions: Maximum 5 kg net qty of lithium batteries or cells per package (excluding the equipment).Maximum 2 packages per shipment (consignment).


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