Using the TAR-3 Resistance Meter with the Wenner Array Bar

In addition to a TAR-3 Resistance Meter kit you will need a TAR-3 Wenner Array Bar (0.5m)

Kit Contents

    1. Array Bar, 1.5m with four 18mm diameter holes (1.6kg)
    2. Red 4mm plug to 4mm plug cable (1.8m), One off
    3. Blue 4mm plug to 4mm plug cable (1.1m), One off

The Array Bar Kit does not contain probe pins – use the probe pins supplied with the TAR-3 Resistance Meter System

Figure (1) TAR-3 Resistance Meter Array Bar (Wenner alpha)

Assembling the Array Bar – Wenner Alpha Array

  • The Array Bar is attached to the TAR-3 Frame using the P1 and P2 probes. (see figure 1) above.
  • Group P1 and C1 on the opposite side to C2 and P2.
  • Use the locking nuts on P1 and P2 – remember to adjust the length of P1 and P2 so that they protrude further than C1 and C2.
  • P1 and P2 should penetrate the ground before C1 and C2!

Note: The Array bar and two extra probes weigh 2kg more than the standard Twin probe unit. (each probes weighs 0.185kg)

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