Small Frame

TAR-3 Small Frame

The children’s sized TAR-3 Resistance Meter frame can be supplied in a range of heights. We will contact you to confirm the height you require.

The frames are cut to length before shipping. All of the components are in stock and shipping is usually within one week of receiving your payment. (This is a made to measure product – we cannot accept returns of products correctly supplied.) The frame is for use with your existing TAR-3 Meter and probes.

Size Guide

Children’s Frame. Can be supplied in a range of heights 40cm to 80cm.

(When measuring the height required, do not insert the probes too deeply into the ground.)

Note The distance between the probes is less than 0.5m.

Country of Origin: GB (Country in which last significant manufacturing process was carried out)
Tariff No: 90159000 (If supplied with a TAR-3 System 90303900)
RoHS Compliant: Yes

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