Two 20m by 20m Grids

TAR-3 In Action

The image above was produced by an amateur group using their own PC. It was their first time using the RM Frobisher, TAR-3 Resistance Meter. The two grids were 20m by 20m with readings at 1 metre intervals in each direction. 800 reading in total. It took two hours to record the grids and analyse these results – including downloading the software. With practice, the time to record a grid of 400 readings is under 25 minutes and one minute to copy the results from the SD Card and create a preview image.

Download the data file used to generate the results above here. The group started in the N/W corner and took readings in an E/W direction. File: TAR3_Sample_Data.txt

The data file on the SD Card was read by a free geophysical analysis software program to produced the output above. All members of the group could download their own copy of the software and use it to analyse their results which are contained in a plain (ASCII) text file. You can open the file using Microsoft Notepad.

A few lines of a TAR-3 data file

++ Start of Grid ++
** Read/m X dir=2 Read/m Y dir=1
** Grid X size=20 Grid Y size=20
# Reading, X in m, Y in m, Ra in Ohm

No special cables or PC serial ports are needed. (A SD Card reader and adaptor are included with the TAR-3 Resistance Meter System) The software used has a 'Import Frobisher Data File' option to import a day's work in just a few clicks

Download file here (TAR3_Sample_Data.txt)

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