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Magnetic Gradiometers make the news
Stonehenge researchers may have found largest Neolithic site using Magnetic Gradiometers Stone monoliths found buried near Stonehenge could have been part of the largest Neolithic monument built in Britain, archaeologists believe. The 4,500-year-old stones, some measuring 15ft (4.5m) in length, were discovered under 3ft of earth at Durrington Walls "superhenge" using Magnetic Gradiometers. (BBC News)

Useful Links

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Current Archaeology Magazine
Devoted to British archaeology and boasting over 17,000 subscribers, its biggest monthly magazine for British archaeology. CA maintains a fantastic list of "digs" enabling enabling novices and the experienced to find opportunities to get involved throughout the country.
Council for British Archaeology (CBA)
Formed in 1944 the Council for British Archaeology is a charity which aims to promote and safeguard archaeology for future generations.
The CBA publish a bi-monthly magazine and maintain an active and informative website. The CBA and its a groups are very active organising lectures and other events.
The British Geological Survey (BGS)
If its not archaeology then it must be the geology. The BGS's website is the place to visit to find out what the geology of your site and location is. The BGS also has information about their Geomagnetic research. The BGS's Geomagnetic website
MOLA (Museum of London Archaeology)
Not just London! MOLA as they like to be known have offices in Birmingham, London and Northampton. MOLA has a large community outreach programme and is launching (as of June 2015) a large Coastal and Intertidal Zone Archaeological Network project (CITiZAN) with staff based in London, Portsmouth and York. See the CITiZAN website
Elmet Archaeology
Elmet Archaeology is a social enterprise company based in Wath-Upon-Dearne (Rotherham). They run courses, workshops, organise local history groups, and even have a drop in service at Wath Central Library!
Elmet also provide commercial archaeology services. They undertake jobs of all sizes and can help you satisfy planning regulations by carrying out watching briefs, geophysical surveys, archaeological evaluations for you.

Royal Archaeological Institute
The Royal Archaeological Institute (RAI) is a leading national archaeology society, with a history dating back to 1844. Its interests span all aspects of the archaeological, architectural and landscape history of the British Isles.

Council for Independent Archaeology (CIA)
Formed in 1985 to promote the interests of independent archaeology (non-government funded). The "CIA" produced their own resistivity meter in 2001 which was discontinued in 2006 after failing to meet European regulations. The "CIA" and their partners have been developing a replacement since 2010.
Stefan Mayer Instruments
A well established German company manufacturing fluxgate magnetometers, magnetic field cancelling systems, and magnetic permeability meters.
Carshalton and District History and Archaeology Society
The Carshalton and District History and Archaeology Society, originally called the "Carshalton Historical Society" and later called the "Beddington, Carshalton and Wallington Society" was founded in 1920. "… for the purpose of extending knowledge of local history; preserving objects of beauty and interest*, whether natural or structural; placing archaeological finds in safe keeping; visiting places of interest and providing instructive lectures."
Cambridge Archaeological Field Group
CAFG was formed in 1978 to carry out practical archaeology in the Cambridge area. Our purpose is to contribute to the archaeology of the region through our own field research, while also assisting the County Archaeology Service and co-operating with other interested groups or individuals. We also try to promote interest in archaeology through activities such as talks.
Cambridge Antiquarian Society
The CAMBRIDGE ANTIQUARIAN SOCIETY was founded in 1840 to provide access for local people to the local history, architecture and archaeology of Cambridgeshire (which now includes the old County of Huntingdon and the new Unitary Authority of Peterborough).
Canterbury Historical and Archaeological Society
If you are interested in Canterbury, its history, archaeology and buildings, then our organisation may be for you. Why not join us for one of our winter lectures or one of our excursions to local places of historical interest - details for these and other activities, together with contact details, are available via the pages shown above.
Friends of the Canterbury Trust
People who support the Trust's professional archaeologists because we are interested in the exciting discoveries made in Canterbury and the county of Kent.
Cardiff Archaeological Society
We are a friendly society which seeks to foster interest in archaeology in the Cardiff area. We have an annual lecture programme which runs fortnightly from October to March, featuring eminent speakers from universities and heritage organisations from around the world. In the summer we have a series of evening field trips to sites of local archaelogical and historical interest, together with three full day trips to sites further afield.
Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society
The Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society was founded in 1905 and is one of the foremost County antiquarian societies in Wales. From its inception the founding members saw a need to record, publish and collect all things relating to the history, antiquities and natural history of 'Carmarthenshire in particular, and West Wales in general'. This philosophy has been maintained throughout its history. It has pursued part of its aim through scholarly publication through the Transactions (to 1939) and the Carmarthenshire Antiquary (1941 to present). It started as a 'field club' and remains so to this day with its active programme of Field Days, supplemented by a winter programme of lectures.
Chichester and District Archaeology Society
From Prehistoric, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman and Mediaeval periods through to the 21st Century, Chichester city and its countryside provide a rich variety of archaeology for the members of the Chichester and District Archaeology Society.
Chaddesley Corbett Local History Society
From the website 'Welcome to this historic village set in the beautiful countryside of north Worcestershire'
Merioneth Historical Society
We are an established Society set up in 1939 and are interested in all aspects of the history of the old Welsh County of Merioneth which dates from 1282 and became part of Gwynedd under the 1974 Welsh Councils re-organisation. Our interests include archaeology, buildings, family history, folklore, literature and all the various subjects which are generally called 'antiquities'. We arrange field trips and lectures, publish an annual Journal, and support local historical projects.
Chepstow Archaeological Society
Chester Archaeological Society
Surrey Heath Archaeological and Heritage Trust
Chorley History and Archaeological Society
Cirencester Archaeological and Historical Society
Council for Kentish Archaeology
Claro Community Archaeology Group (Dead Link)
Clifton Antiquarian Club
Coddenham Village History and Archaeology Club/ (Dead Link)
City of London Archaeological Society
City of London Archaeological Trust
Christchurch Antiquarians
Somborne and District Society
Kidderminster and District Archaeology and History Society
Spawned by volunteer workers engaged in excavating the Roman Fort at Larford near Astley, whilst participating in a WEA archaeology course, the Kidderminster and District Archaeological and Historical Society convened its inaugural meeting at the old Kidderminster Museum and Art Gallery in Market Street on Thursday 28th March 1957 (Kidderminster Shuttle 5th April 1957). The meeting was chaired by Dr Graham Webster of Birmingham University who advised 'that members should study the town's history and various place names, generally trying to find out more about the area in which they lived' and that 'information should be published for people to study in days to come'.
Studfold Community Nature Project
Cornwall Archaeological Society
Coventry and District Archaeological Society
Cowal Archaeological and Historical Society
Cumberland and Westmorland (Cumbria) Antiquarian and Archaeological Society
Dean Archaeological Group
Derbyshire Archaeological Society
Dumfries and Galloway Natural History and Antiquarian Society
Bristol and Avon Archaeological Society (Dead Link)
Dollar History Society
Doncaster Archaeological and Historical Society (Dead Link)
East Dorset Antiquarian Society
The East Dorset Antiquarian Society (EDAS), which is a registered charity, is an amateur society which is actively engaged in all aspects of archaeology and historical research. In 2013 we celebrated 30 years of community archaeology and currently have around 240 members.
Droitwich History and Archaeological Society
Dunnington Through The Ages
Durham and Northumberland Architectural and Archaeological Society
Friends of Killhope
Southampton City Museums Archaeological Society
Edinburgh Archaeological Field Society
Eardis Oral History and Archaeology Group
Egham-by-Runnymede Historical Society (Dead Link)
Enfield Archaeological Society
Epsom and Ewell History and Archaeology Society
East Riding Archaeological Society
Battle and District Historical Society
Essex Society for Archaeology and History
Essex Archaeological and Historical Congress
Hadstock Society
Rochford Hundred Field Archaeology Group
South East Essex Archaeological and Historical Society
East Yorkshire Local History Society
Faversham Society
Fleet and Crookham Local History Society
Felden Archaeological Society
Feltwell History and Archaeology Society (Dead Link)
Hampshire Field Club and Archaeology Section
Carrickfergus Gasworks Preservation Society
Forest of Galtres Society
Wakefield Historical Society (Dead Link)
Friends of Berryhill Fields
Friends of Copt Hill
Friends of Hob Moor
Federation for Ulster Local Studies
Gloucester and District Archaeological Research Group
Pitstone and Ivinghoe Museum Society
Willington Local History Group
Association for Portland Archaeology (Dead Link)
Glasgow Archaeological Society
Glemsford Local History Society
Greater London Industrial Archaeology Society
Shaftesbury and District Historical Society
Gower Society (Dead Link)
Croydon Natural History and Scientific Society
Devon Archaeological Society
Gloucestershire Society for Industrial Archaeology
Hastings Area Archaeological Research Group
Hampshire Archaeological Committee
Hendon and District Archaeological Society
Hadleigh Society
Halifax Antiquarian Society
Hammerwich Environmental Group
Anglesey Antiquarian Society and Field Club
Southampton University Industrial Archaeology Group
North East Hampshire Historical and Archaeological Society
Hebden Bridge Literary and Scientific Society (Local History Section)
Helmsley Archaeology and Historical Society
Hampshire Industrial Society
High Wolds Heritage Group
Blakeney Area Historical Society
Holmesdale Natural History Club
Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire (Dead Link)
Hampshire and Wight Trust for Maritime Archaeology
Islington Archaeology and History Society
Yorkshire Archaeological Society Industrial History Section
Ingleborough Archaeology Group
Ingleborough Archaeology Group
Isle of Thanet Archaeological Society
Ipswich and Dsitrict Detector Club
Ise Archaeological Research Society
Island 2000 Trust
Isle of Wight Natural History and Archaeological Society
Avon Local History and Archaeology Society
Northamptonshire Archaeological Society
Kenfig Society
Kenilworth History and Archaeology Society
Kent Archaeological Society
Kentish Stour Countryside Project
Kirby, Great Broughton & Ingleby Greenhow Local History Group
John Wheelwright Archaeological Society
Kent Underground Research Group
Lanark and District Archaeological Society
Lamorbey and Sidcup Local History Society
London and Middlesex Archaeological Society
Lancashire Archaeological Society (Dead Link)
Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society
Leighton Buzzard and District Archaeological and Historical Society
Vaughan Archaeological and Historical Society
Leicestershire Archaeological and Historical Society
Leigh and District Historical Society
Belper Parks Project (Dead Link)
Hallaton Archaeological Heritage
The Dick Herne Braunston History Society
Moor Pond Wood Heritage Project
Kingsclere Heritage Association
East Stoke Heritage Project
Blagdon Local History Society
Hopesay Heritage Project
Early Iron Works Around Stottesdon (Dead Link)
Dacre Pasture Project
see HLF information here
Great Ayton Community Archaeology Group
Lickey Hills Local History Society
Leicestershire Industrial History Society
Society for Lincolnshire History and Archaeology
Llanfairfechan Historical Society
Southark and Lambeth Archaeology Society
Maldon Archaeological Group
Maldon Archaeological and Historical Group
Manshead Archaeological Society of Dunstable
Isle of Man Natural History and Antiquarian Society
Marlow Archaeological Society
Yorkshire Archaeological Society Medieval Section
Mellor Archaeololgical Trust
Wells Local History Group
Merseyside Archaeological Society
Merton Historical Society
Middleton Archaeological Society
Mildenhall Museum Society
Bletchley Archaeological and Historical Society
Olney Archaeological Society
Wolverton and District Archaeological Society
Monmouthshire Antiquarian Association
Manchester Region Industrial Archaeology Society
The Society aims to advance education of the public in the subject of industrial archaeology. We are interested in:
  • Developing a greater understanding of the industrial archaeology of the Manchester region.
  • Recording, interpreting and where possible preserving the physical remains of industrial artefacts and sites in their social, cultural and historical contexts.
  • Promotion and research into the industrial archaeology of the Manchester region of England.
Mid Sussex Field Archaeology Team
Friends of the Tom Brown's School Musuem
Thornbury Society for Archaeology and Local History
Northumberland and Newcastle Society
Northumberland and Newcastle Society
Navenby Archaeology Group
North Buckinghamshire Archaeology Society
North Devon Archaeological Society
Tiverton Archaeological Group
North East Lincolnshire Archaeology and Local History Society (Dead Link)
Society of Antiquities of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Northumberland Archaeological Group
Newmarket Local History Society
North Hertfordshire Archaeology Society
Norfolk Historic Buildings Group
Norfolk and Norwich Archaeological Society
Northamptonshire Natural History Society: Archaeology and History Section
Norfolk Industrial Archaeology Society
North Craven Historical Research Group
Morpeth Antiquarian Society
North Worcestershire Archaeology Group
Northallerton and District Local History Society
North West Mills Group
A non-profit voluntary society established in 1981 promoting Watermills and Windmills in the North West of England
Oxfordshire Architectural and Historical Society
Oxfordshire Buildings Record
Orpington and District Archaeological Society
Stowmarket Local History Group
Orkney Heritage Society
Oswestry and Border History and Archaeology Group
Friends of Park Wood, The (Dead Link)
Pembridge Amenity Trust
Pipe Aston Project
Plymouth and District Archaeological Society
Pocklington History
The Poppleton History Society, Archaeology Group
Association for Portland Archaeology
Yorkshire Archaeological Society Prehistoric Section
Prestwich and Whitefield Heritage Society
Prudhoe Community Partnership
Yorkshire Archaeological Society Roman Antiquities Section
Great Yarmouth and District Archaeological Society
The Great Yarmouth Branch of the Norfolk and Norwich Archaeological Society was founded on 24th January 1888 as a charitable organisation for people to meet, discuss and share their interest in heritage, history and archaeology. In February 1953, members sought independence and became the Great Yarmouth and District Archaeological Society. In May 2009, over a century after its foundation and in order to reflect members' changing interests, the Society's name was changed to the Great Yarmouth Local History and Archaeological Society.
Richmond Archaeological Society
Ripon Local Studies Research Centre
Ripon Local Studies Research Centre
Renfrewshire Local History Forum
Renfrewshire History and Archaeology Web
Ruislip, Northwood and Eastcote Local History Society
Nottinghamshire Industrial Archaeology Society (no longer active)
Lower Test Valley Archaeological Society
Rugby Local History Research Group
Rutland Local History and Record Society
Ryedale Vernacular Building Materials Research Group
Saddleworth Historical Society
Staffordshire Archaeological and Historical Society
Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society
Scarborough Archaeological and Historical Society
The Hunter Archaeological Society
The Hunter Archaeological Society was founded in 1912 to study and report on the archaeology, history and architecture of South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire in recognition of the work of Joseph Hunter in researching and recording the history of the region. The Society holds a winter programme of talks and summer visits to excavations and sites of interest, as well as publishing papers in its Transactions. It also plays a role in sharing information of archaeological interest and in responding to initiatives and consultations. The Hunter Collections of books, maps and other papers are held both in the Central Library and Sheffield Archives.
Friends of the Porter Valley
Sherwood Archaeological Society
Shetland Amenity Trust
Shropshire Archaeological and Historical Society
Rotherham Archaeological Society
Sid Vale Association
Skipton & Craven Historical Society
South Oxfordshire Archaeological Group
La Societe Jersiaise
La Societe Guernesiaise
South Wiltshire Industrial Archaeological Society
Southwold Archaeological and Natural History Society
Lorn Archaeological and Historical Society
St Albans and Hertfordshire Architectural and Archaeological Society
Stoke-on-Trent Museum Archaeological Society (Dead Link)
Sudbury History Society
The Society's web site is provided for the benefit of all those interested in the history of Sudbury through its buildings and people, some of whom have become household names.
Suffolk Archaeological SField Group
Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and History
Suffolk Local History Council
Suffolk Preservation Society
Surrey Archaeological Society
Sussex Industrial Archaeology Society
Sussex Archaeological Society
Sutton Hoo Society
Swaledale and Arkengarthdale Archaeology Group
South Worcestershire Archaeological Group
Cromar History Group
Tameside Archaeological Society Ltd
Tees Archaeological Society
Blackden Trust, The
The Thorney Island Society
The Thorney Society
From pre-medieval to recent times
Learn about Thorney Abbey, now the Church of St Mary and St Botolph, which was a medieval monastery established on the island of Thorney in The Fens of Cambridgeshire.
Follow our timeline from the early monastic estates to the Russells' Thorney Estates, through a history of the drainage of the Fens, the "French" settlers, the struggle to drain the estates and keeping the water at bay from floods to the present day.
Visit the war room and find out how the village of Thorney fared during the Great War and WWI. Discover some of the local people involved and the contributions they made to the war effort. You might even discover information about one of your relatives.
Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire
Wolverhampton Archaeology Group
Tonbridge Historical Society
South Yorkshire Industiral History Society
Trostrey Excavation Group
Bristol Spelaeological Society
Upper Nene Archaeological Society
Avebury Society
Friends of Grampian Stones
Upper Wharfedale Heritage Group
The Upper Wharfedale Heritage Group (UWHG.) was formed in 2005 with the purpose of adding to the knowledge of the archaeologically rich area of Upper Wharfedale and it's immediate surroundings. Throughout the year we run a programme of talks and walks covering a wide range of heritage related subjects - details here. Our membership currently stands at around 70
The Wallingford Historical and Archaeological Society
Walsham Village History Group
Waltham Abbey Historical Society
Wandsworth Historical Society
Winchester Archaeology and Local History
Welwyn Archaeological Society (Dead Link)
Pontefract and District Archaeological Society
West Essex Archaeological Group
WEAG's aim is "to promote the advancement of knowledge and education by a study of archaeology, history and kindred subjects".
Wealden Iron Research Group
Welsh Mines Preservation Trust
Whitby Literary and Philosophical Society
Wigan Archaeological Society
Wiltshire Buildings Record
Wilsthire Archaeological and Natural History Society
Woolhope Club
Woolmer Forest Heritage Society
Worcestershire Historical Society
Worthing Archaeological Society
Wymondham Heritage Society
The Wymondham Heritage Society is a local amenity society affiliated to the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE) Norfolk and the Norfolk Rural Community Council. It has a good relationship with the Town Council. Through all these contacts it seeks to maintain and enhance the character of the historic market town of Wymondham and the surrounding countryside.
Yeovil Archaeological and Local History Society
YALHS was founded in 1954 and has been involved in many projects and studies to uncover the past of this part of South Somerset over the intervening years. The society meets on the first Friday of each month from October to May at 7:15pm at Holy Trinity Church, Lysander Road BA20 2BU to listen to an interesting selection of speakers on a very diverse range of historical and archaeological subjects with local relevance.
Yorkshire Archaeological Society (Dead Link)
Yorkshire Architectural and York Archaeological Society (Dead Link)
Yorkshire Dales Landscape Research Trust
The Yorkshire Dales Landscape Research Trust has two aims:
  • to educate the public in the archaeology and landscape history of the Pennine Dales of Yorkshire
  • to promote high standards of research relating to the heritage of the Pennine Dales of Yorkshire and to publish the results to the public.
Yorkshire Philosophical Society
Yorkshire Vernacular Buildings Study Group
Friends of the Curtis Museum and Allen Gallery
The Friends are a lively body, currently over 150 in number, who hold regular meetings to encourage interest in all things associated with the museum.
In the course of the year occasional excursions are arranged to historic houses and sites, exhibitions or other museums. There are social events from time to time which encourage a general informal atmosphere. The Friends have a close relationship with the staff of the Hampshire Cultural Trust by whom their support is welcomed.
Since being formed in 1934 the Friends have assisted in making many fine gifts to the Museum and Gallery and they have a special interest in the ceramic, glass and local collections.

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